Walking Dead: Survival

Walking Dead: Survival
The Walking Dead: Survival Journey is the newest RPG strategy game from The Walking Dead, produced by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comic series.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival
The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Build your team of survivors and plan battle strategies in a ruthless and dangerous story. Fight for survival, against wanderers and humans, using your best strategy to attack enemy weaknesses and the typical progression of RPG games to decide your path. Build a city to keep the wanderers away, but be careful – the horrors out there are not the only threat you’ll face; your decisions will bring life or death.

Based on a new story by award-winning Walking Dead writer Jay Bonansinga, the obscure aesthetics of this game reflects the drastic decisions you’ll need to make as you plan your survival.

Join Michonne, Rick and other survivors and enter the epic battle against shadowy enemies, from Governor to Negan.


Fight walkers and survivors
• Use the best strategy to survive and fight fierce enemies.
• Achieve critical attacks and leave your enemies unresponsive
Attack your enemies with melee and ranged attacks and deadly weapons, including Michonne’s katana.

Recruit Survivors
• Recruit Survivors of The Walking Dead universe, each with its different specialty

Update Your Survivors
• Enhance and customize your Survivors to increase your strategy in battle, strength, and weapon skill.
• RPG progression makes your Survivors become more powerful as they slaughter more wanderers
• Zombie hordes never rest – keep your team prepared

Strategy Game – Enjoy Strengths and Weaknesses
• A good attack tactic is key – but beware of opponents’ responses
• Your strategy is all that keeps the Woodbury Survivors safe

Maps and Locations of The Walking Dead
• Explore the new 3D map with places taken from the comics (HQ) of The Walking Dead
• Discover points of interest and iconic areas of Eastern United States

Upgrade headquarters and expand your city to the desert
• Build houses to house Survivors, expand the city, create items in the Workshop, and more

PvP – Attack your enemies
• Plan, attack enemy factions and gain resources in the new online mode Total War
• Strategy-packed multiplayer battles in an open world full of enemies and ferocious wanderers
• Use your most tricky tactic for PvP combat, defeat your enemies and sing victory

Factions and Online Strategy Alliances
• Stay safe. Join your friends and allies to create a battle strategy, collect resources and survive in this cruel world of The Walking Dead
• Battle and build along with friends in multiplayer RPG gameplay style

Master Famous Places of Walking Dead
• Fight along with your faction for the domain areas of the universe of The Walking Dead
• Battle to conquer and defend locations such as Alexandria, Woodbury, Sanctuary and others

Your decisions matter
• Your decisions impact the story mode and make each campaign unique
• Write your own Survivor story in this irresistible Walking Dead RPG game.