Monster Legends

Monster Legends
From the creators of Dragon City! Dome legendary and powerful beasts and breed them to create new species.
Unlock new abilities and incredible powers and assemble teams of fierce monsters to battle on the Adventures Map or to defeat your enemies in the Monster Arena.

Monster Legends - RPG
Monster Legends - RPG
Developer: Social Point
Price: Free+

It will start an adventure of monstrous proportions.

• Procrie to produce fearful hybrids for combat and feed them to conquer new skills.
• More than 100 unique monsters … and new beasts available every week.
• Face opponents in 3 on 3 combat!
• Choose between Adventure or Arena modes. Test your skills, strategy and energy to the limit!
• Select your opponents, steal their resources and protect yourself from attacks.
• Fight on your journey to the top of the Scoreboard.
• Unlock treasures as you progress through Adventures Map – a world of wonders, perils and unknown enemy monsters awaiting you!
• Gain vital experience to raise your level monsters.
• Be sociable. Visit and help your friends!