Girl Skater – Master the Skate Park!

It’s your chance to DOMINATE the skate park and win the first prize at
Skateboard Pro, the biggest skateboard competition of the year! Work on your skateboard tricks and win incredible prizes to become the coolest skater of all! Send flips, slides and heels on the way to the skate park. Show the skaters who’s boss!

Ugh. Max thinks you’re just a skateboarder. And you’re determined to prove it wrong. Enter the biggest competition of the year, the Skateboard Pro, and show Max that you’re the best! With Kate H as your trainer and your smooth skateboarding style, you can not go wrong! Draw the most insane skateboard full of crazy tricks. Fans will love it!

> The time has come! Get ready for Skateboard Pro. You have to win!
> Dress in style with the cutest skateboard clothes. Jump on the skater ramps with style!
> Create your own line of skateboards and let the crowd marvel at your super insane tricks. From kickflips to 180º frontsides, do the tricks that prove you’re the master of the ramps!
> Choose your favorite skateboard in the skate shop!
> Get insane skills. Train with a famous skateboarder!
> Make an embellishment to help you stand out in the skate park!
> A manicure and a new hairstyle should be enough!
> Climb up the skate rankings until you reach the top!
> Practice in the indoor skate park before the big competition!
Go for a routine examination at the doctor to ensure that you are in perfect shape for the competition!
The big day is almost here. Spend a relaxing day at the spa.

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